Nutritional Environment Measures Survey

NEMS Training

NEMS Online Training Course


The purpose of the NEMS Online course is to provide training to individuals interested in learning more in-depth about assessing nutrition environments and specifically using the NEMS store (NEMS-S) and NEMS restaurant (NEMS-R) tools. Upon completion of the course, participants will feel comfortable using the tools in their own projects and research.


NEMS Online covers consumer nutrition basics, enumerating food outlets in a neighborhood, completing the NEMS observational measures in stores and restaurants, customization of the tools, and analyzing and presenting results.  This training is primarily self-paced and instructor moderated. The course is accessible all of the time.


Once participants submit their completed fieldwork, participants will be a certified NEMS rater and will receive a certificate of completion, feedback on their surveys, and additional technical assistance as needed.


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