Nutritional Environment Measures Survey

Citing NEMS

We are extremely happy that researchers and practitioners are using the NEMS tools for research and community action as that was the intent on releasing the tools publicly and providing training and support. We hope in turn those who do use NEMS as a basis for their work will credit NEMS when appropriate.

If you are writing an article for publication, we strongly encourage you to include NEMS as a key word in the abstract or title.  This will help others locate and identify NEMS related publications when conducting literature searches.

Contact the NEMS Team with any questions.

NEMS Citations

Please cite the article for the specific tool being used.  If using a modified version of NEMS, please cite the relevant article that describes the modification.  Please contact us if you have any questions about how to properly cite NEMS. 


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NEMS Training and Evaluation

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