Nutritional Environment Measures Survey

The Perceived Nutrition Environment

Dr. Glanz and staff have developed a survey on the perceived nutrition environment (NEMS-P). Unlike other NEMS tools, NEMS-P is not an observational measure – it is an instrument to evaluate the perceived nutrition environment.

Survey items cover the following constructs: community nutrition environment, consumer nutrition environment, home food environment, food shopping behaviors, eating behaviors, and background characteristics.


The NEMS-P scoring guidance is in Table 1. The direction/meaning of higher scores generally means greater access to nutritious options, or a higher ranking for the motivating factor in the item.

For items worded in reverse, the scores should be reversed. Some of these are noted as such in the footnotes, but some of the multi-item constructs don’t clearly ‘call that out.’

Also please note that in Table 1 in the article, there are minor mistakes regarding the total scores for access to stores (should be 14, not 16) and restaurants (should be 11, not 12).

Also note that some researchers don’t use all of the items/constructs, and that is fine if you don’t need them for the purpose of your study.