Nutritional Environment Measures Survey



We are excited to see the proliferation of work, both research and practice, on the nutrition environment.  Dr. Glanz and staff want to make sure that you know that we are available to consult on your project, that may or may not be specifically NEMS-related. Other topics that people have turned to us for advice and guidance include dissemination, training, and measurement development.  If you’d like to know more about some of our other areas of expertise, please go to the Center for Health Behavior Research’s website:

We offer different levels of consulting, depending on your project’s needs and budget.

Quick advice/guidance/feedback (free)

If you have some questions or would like some guidance on your project that won’t take too long to answer, we are happy to respond your questions or give you feedback either through email, over the phone or in-person.  In this type of scenario, this level of consulting would require around two hours or less of our time. We do this level of consulting for free.

We are regularly contacted about customization, training, sampling, data analysis, scoring, and more. Please email us at  about the specifics and we will work with you on the best way to respond (email, call or meeting).  We are quick to respond and include Dr. Glanz when needed.

A few hours of consulting (hourly rate)

If you would like more in-depth guidance, feedback or input on a project from Dr. Glanz and/or staff that would exceed more than an hour or two of time, the hourly rate is $75.  Again, email us at about the specifics and we can work out the details together.

Writing us into a grant

We would love the opportunity to collaborate and work with you on your project. We are happy to be written into a grant to provide more extensive support and guidance (e.g. training of raters, developing additional measures related to your project or helping to develop an entirely new assessment tool).   We will work with you on the budget and items needed to be submitted for your grant proposal.  Again, just contact us at about the specifics and we can work out the details together.

Examples of consulting work

  • NEMS-V: Worked as consultants over a two-year period, giving guidance and feedback on tool development, website development and dissemination plan.
  • We will be assisting with training and technical support over a four year period for an organization in Mississippi.